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Telephone contact

Telephone Number

Normal business hours, voicemail service available to be returned at the soonest opportunity.

Ordering products

For ordering any Classic Audio Ltd products please use the e-mail address listed below for a quicker response on the same day.

Ordering e-mail address

General enquiries and comments

For any general enquiries as to the specifics of products not already listed, or feedback or questions regarding technical articles, please contact the site author using the e-mail address listed below.

Michael Fidler's e-mail address

This is a more personal address that gets checked less often but is more suitable for in-depth technical questions regarding articles, future products and industrial communication with established connections.

Business address

Feel like visiting? Drop an e-mail if you can withstand cake, coffee and crackly 78s! If you wish to write to Classic Audio Ltd, please use the registered business address below.

Classic Audio Ltd.

64 Old Castle Walk




United Kingdom

Contacting Classic Audio Ltd about products

If you are based in the UK or use a UK forwarding number then Classic Audio Ltd. can be contacted on the telephone number above during normal business hours, and depending on the luck of the situation well outside of business hours. Voicemails are returned at the nearest possible opportunity. Customer service is of the brisk variety, the price of no retail markup to pay, but all technical questions will be answered in full detail.

Please use the 'ordering@' e-mail for ordering products as the personal e-mail uses a stronger spam filter that gets checked less often. Enquiries to this address will typically be responded to on the same day. Using this address also helps to keep better track of orders, ensuring that your order is dealt with as efficiently for Classic Audio Ltd. and as quickly for the customer as possible.

Alternatively, if instant messaging is required, customers can make contact through the Classic Audio Ltd. via the Facebook page, although this may be less reliable than the e-mail and regional telephone options.

Classic Audio Facebook page

This may be a good option for customers without a telephone number wishing to have a voice conversation, although it is important to remain mindful of regional time.

Contacting Classic Audio Ltd about articles

As of January 2022 there are four published articles on the Classic Audio site. In between development of new products, more will be published as the year progresses detailing special techniques for high quality audio design. So far many e-mails have been received regarding the VU meter article and questions asked often lead to additional information being added to these articles.

Although the author is very happy to hear from all readers and anyone who may be interested in the Classic Audio design philosophy or products, it would be much appreciated, and better for all parties involved, if those interested in contacting the site would adhere to the simple conditions that follow.

Hopefully the reader will not be discouraged by these prerequisites. Unfortunately, to protect e-mail addresses from receiving spam to the point of being rendered useless, the e-mail addresses listed in the details section are rendered as images and not text, to prevent them from being harvested by spam-bots. The reader will therefore need to re-type them into whatever e-mail application they find themselves using, but this is unavoidable at the present moment in time.

Classic Audio and its author look forward to hearing from you!