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For ordering any Classic Audio Ltd products please use the e-mail address listed below.

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General enquiries and comments

For any general enquiries as to the specifics of products not already listed, or feedback or questions regarding technical articles, please contact the site author using the e-mail address listed below.

Michael Fidler's e-mail address

As of this early stage in the websites life, e-mail is the only means of making contact, but other channels of communication will be opened as time passes.

Contacting Classic Audio Ltd

At the time of writing (November 2020) there are only two articles published on the site, so it follows that the majority of communication will be regarding these, although the Spartan 10 Phonostage is nearing the end of its development and this page may not be updated in accordance with its release.

Although the author is very happy to hear from all readers and anyone who may be interested in the Classic Audio design philosophy or products, it would be much appreciated, and better for all parties involved, if those interested in contacting the site would adhere to the simple conditions that follow.

Hopefully the reader will not be discouraged by these prerequisites. Unfortunately, to protect e-mail addresses from receiving spam to the point of being rendered useless, the e-mail addresses listed in the details section are rendered as images and not text, to prevent them from being harvested by spam-bots. The reader will therefore need to re-type them into whatever e-mail application they find themselves using, but this is unavoidable at the present moment in time.

Classic Audio and its author look forward to hearing from you!