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High quality PSUs

Nowadays, cheap switching power supplies are commonplace in consumer audio, leading to a troubling variety of ill effects ranging from audible mains buzz to damage to the equipment unfortunate enough to be connected up to these cheap devices. In addition to this, these units can only use a sub-optimal 'single supply rail' arrangement where the ground which the precious audio signal is referenced to is injected with the potentially non-linear supply currents of active devices such as op-amps which can significantly degrade distortion performance.

Split Supply

Classic Audio Ltd believes in investing in high quality parts to avoid trouble straight out of the gate. That's why you won't see any products here advertised with 'upgraded' parts because all Classic Audio components are optimised as standard. That standard means that Classic Audio power supplies are linear, split, regulated supplies, like the one pictured above, that you can rely on not to get in the way of the music!

Spartan 10 Phonostage

Available from the end of 2021, the Classic Audio Spartan 10 Phonostage will knock the socks of any other MM pre-amplifier on the market anywhere near its price range!

Spartan 10 production board

First Spartan 10 production board

Advertised at a low initial price of £300, Classic Audio is now taking pre-emptive orders for the first run of 50 production units (after which the price will increase accordingly). No photos are yet available of completed production units, but several orders have now already been taken based on the specification alone.

Latest Article - Phono Stage Mono Switching

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